Authentic Learning

Our staff and students are busy working on Authentic Learning experiences to help broaden our educational experiences from the classroom to the real world. The staff does this in many ways by taking classes to renew their license, traveling, volunteering, serving as their own children's coaches for sports, guiding their parents as they age, and living their days as role models for our school district. The job of a teacher is a life style that has no end. It is a commitment to live as a life-long learner and a promise to continue to grow through the challenges that life brings our way. Authentic Learning experiences model this growth, development, problem solving, and critical thinking needed to be a productive individual of our school community and a future leader for society.  Here are some examples of staff devotion to help promote and practice authentic learning experiences. As the year continues, student examples will be added for you to see!

click here for pictures of grade 5 anti bullying posters

fifth grade pic 1      fifth grade pic 2       fifth grade pic 3    fifth grade pic 4

fifth grade pic 5      fifth grade pic 6       fifth grade pic 7    fifth grade pic 8

fifth grade pic 9      fifth grade pic 10     fifth grade pic 11  fifth grade pic 12

fifth grade pic 13    fifth grade pic 14   

Teacher authentic learning activity examples

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