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Welcome to Silver Lake Elementary School!  

Our goal is for students to enjoy their day learning in a safe environment that promotes kindness and encourages individuality. We want students to grow as individuals as they prepare to to be skilled members of the 21st century community.

The school year starts off with lots of excitement and many questions. We have many resources on our webpage that you might find helpful. Here are a few tips to help you stay informed:

  • When you have a question or concern, always contact the classroom teacher first. They are the best source for direct information about your student.
  • Please refer to the Family Handbook for information. You will find most answers to your questions in this handbook.
  • Arrival and Dismissal procedures are designed for the safety all of students and staff members. Please respect the procedures that we have. These procedures are for everyone.
    • There is no parking on Overlook Drive during arrival times. Students are of school age and able to walk into the school independently. Overlook Drive is for drop off only.
    • The back of the building is for K students and bus riders before and after school.
  • The school grounds are closed after school until 3:45. Students are not permitted to stay and play on the grounds after school for safety reasons. in order to ensure that all students have returned safely home, the grounds are to be exited and cleared until 3:45 for students and families. 
  • Late arrivals: If you are arriving to school late, please come tot he front door and buzz in. Mrs. Gerber will let you in, have your parent sign you in, and give you a pass to go to class. 
  • Change of after school routine: Please do your best to have all after school routines established before the school day and have your student informed. All after school routines changes should be into the office before 12:00 in order to inform the classroom teacher and student properly.
    • A late request for a change in routine poses a challenge to students and staff to meet this demand when instruction is taking place. Please be proactive in making your routine changes before the start of the school.
    • Changes in after school routines should only take place in an emergency.
  • All visitors- even for the clinic: Please sign in at the office first. Then you will be excused to go to the clinic. 
  • School buzzer: The school buzzer is designed for safety. If Mrs. Gerber is on the phone or away from her desk, she cannot answer the front door. Teachers are not permitted to let in visitors at the front door for safety reasons. Please be patient. We have routines established to keep students and staff safe. 

If you cannot find the information that you need, please email at I am happy to help!

As plans are made for the upcoming school year, we will continue to add new information to the calendar and website. Please check back in as the school year approaches for the latest information.

I look forward to working with you and your child this school year!


Rachael L. Seifert, Principal

Silver Lake Elementary School


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