Board Of Education


The Cuyahoga Falls Board of Education has established four focus areas for the 201-2014 -2015 school year:
  1. A commitment to a shared vision  -- movement to implement the Interest-based Smaller Learning Communities and prepare students for the positive aspects of rigor and relevance across the K-12 continuum;
  2. Create a systemic culture of caring in which students will flourish -- a focus on meeting the needs of every student every day;
  3. Cause intentional community engagement -- to this end look for our building principals and central office staff to offer ample opportunities to come into our buildings and witness the amazing opportunities offered by our excellent staff to our wonderful students; and,
  4. To utilize and design human, physical and fiscal resources to meet the needs of today and tomorrow -- to this end we have applied for three Straight A grants (one local, one with Six-District partners, and one with county partners) from the Ohio Department of Education and we have been approved for Safety and Security grants to install secure entrance technology at each of our buildings and to implement a communications system with our local police department.

What does the Board of Education Do?
The Board of Education sets policy and direction for the Cuyahoga Falls City School District and exerts a continuing supervisory responsibility by acting on all contracts, payment of monies, employment, program quality, and development of effective educational programs.
In addition, the Board engages annually in a long-range planning process that identifies specific goals and objectives for the school district. These goals and objectives are tied directly to the district's annual budget.

The Board Meeting
Residents of Cuyahoga Falls City Schools community are encouraged to attend Board of Education meeting. The meeting schedule is on the right of this page.
Ohio's Sunshine Law mandates that school board meetings be open to the public with the exception of executive sessions. In an executive session, the board may discuss, but not vote, on personal matters, property purchases, possible legal action, employee negotiations, security arrangements, and items the law says must be kept confidential.
If residents wish to speak to the Board, time is set aside during the meeting for citizens to discuss issues or concerns.

Board Members

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