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We are looking for parents, guardians and/or friends to join our group and help us continue this tradition at Roberts. If you are interested in ANY aspect of our PTO, whether becoming a member, an officer on the board or a chair committee member; please contact the school. We are looking forward to another great year at Roberts Middle School, we hope you'll join us! 


Roberts Middle School PTO OFFICERS:


President: Morghan Weekley

Vice President: Carrie Schaeffer


Meeting Dates for 2019-2020

Join us in the Cafeteria at 4:00 p.m

**Meetings to be held the first Monday of every month**


Check out the ROBERTS MIDDLE SCHOOL PTA Facebook page for all the latest information, to ask questions, or to find out what’s going on at Roberts!


Parents, Grandparents, and Families! We need YOUR help!

Roberts PTA is a small group looking for more parents who would like to make a positive impact on our student’s middle school career! Our students are at a very crucial age, and studies have shown that students have a higher success rate when parents and guardians are involved in their school activities! We need your support!


How can you help?

1. Join the PTO. (Joining the PTO does not mean you will get called for EVERY volunteer position ever created.

Joining PTA does not obligate you to volunteer)

2. Attend our meetings -- (its only once a month, and lasts about an hour!)


Now, I know….. You are asking -- WHY join the PTO?


o The NUMBER ONE reason? Because joining the RMS PTO will benefit your child!

o To BE CONNECTED -- There is NO better, more accurate way to know what is going on at Roberts!

o To BE A ROLE MODEL – Joining the PTO shows your child that you see the importance in their education!

o To TAP INTO A NETWORK – PTO Functions are opportunities to meet other parents and teachers. To also discuss issues that are on your mind, share ideas, concerns and experiences with other middle school parents.