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Top Tiger Award | Tyler

Last Updated: 4/12/2021 11:15 PM


Recognition Award Nomination

School Year 2020-2021

The Board of Education has created a special recognition program honoring two outstanding students from each school building per month. The focus of the program is to recognize students who excel in citizenship, academics, social, civic, volunteer, or other accomplishments within their school and the community.


Tyler, Seventh-Grade

Bolich Middle School

Nominated by: The Seventh-Grade Team 

Tyler is a very responsible young man who comes to class ready to learn. During this difficult year of online , hybrid learning, when schedules changed repeatedly, Tyler rolled with every change and new situation without missing a beat. 

He comes to class with a smile behind his mask and a positive attitude to share with his fellow classmate. In the Zoom, Tyler can be counted on to participate and continue to strive to achieve to the best of his abilities. 

Tyler is a pleasure to have in class and shows respect to  staff and his fellow classmates as well. 

He takes ownership of his  education and strives to make personal connections to the  classroom ideas we are working with at the time. He is also the first one to offer to help others if they are struggling in any way. 

Tyler is a positive role model,  and we are fortunate to have as a Bolich Black Tiger.