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Top Tiger Award | Madison

Last Updated: 4/12/2021 11:16 PM


Recognition Award Nomination

School Year 2020-2021

The Board of Education has created a special recognition program honoring two outstanding students from each school building per month. The focus of the program is to recognize students who excel in citizenship, academics, social, civic, volunteer, or other accomplishments within their school and the community.


Madison, Sixth-Grade

Roberts Middle School

Nominated by: Ms. Sarah Flohr 

Madison is a 6th grader who has already figured out how to be successful in life - just smile and be kind to everyone. 

According to her math teacher Ms. Flohr, Madi is a kind, respectful young lady who pays attention and takes good notes. When she does not understand something, she is always willing to ask questions for clarification. 

Her love for math is clear, but perhaps it is more fair to say she simply has a passion for learning. So far this school year, Madi has earned all A’s and just 2 B’s showing that she is as smart as she is kind. 

We feel fortunate to have Madi with us at Roberts Middle School and look forward to watching her continue to be the excellent student and person we know she is. She is our Top Tiger.