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Top Tiger Award | Rebecca

Last Updated: 4/12/2021 11:22 PM


Recognition Award Nomination

School Year 2020-2021

The Board of Education has created a special recognition program honoring two outstanding students from each school building per month. The focus of the program is to recognize students who excel in citizenship, academics, social, civic, volunteer, or other accomplishments within their school and the community.


Rebecca, First-Grade

Richardson Elementary

Nominated by: Ms. Filon

Rebecca is by far one of the most caring, funny, self-motivated and well rounded learners I have had the opportunity to teach this school year. 

Rebecca cares about her friends feelings, thoughts and education. Her kind nature promotes the ability to be a great listener. 

If she has a question, she is confident and asks for help. Not only does she ask for help, she seeks out answers on her own by using tools such as google or as she tells me her Alexa is "WRONG". 

You can always rely on a sweet smile and encouraging words from Rebecca. Her motto, as she tells me, " I always want to be one step ahead not one behind". She means every bit of that statement. 

Congratulations, Rebecca. You are on your way to do "big" things.