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Special Education / Student Services

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Mr. Cameron Lazar

Coordinator of Exceptional Students

431 Stow Ave.

Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221

330-926-3800 EXT 502044


We strive to ensure all learners receive equitable access to every opportunity, so they can live their success.  

Department purpose:

  • To register all students grades kindergarten through 12

  • To process all applications for open enrollment, both within and outside the district

  • To provide district school psychological services

  • To provide district guidance, behavioral, and mental health support for our students

  • To provide student special education services

  • To provide school nursing services

  • To provide school occupational and physical therapy services

  • To provide district speech and language services

Special education services provided:

Prior to an evaluation for special education, students may participate in a Multi Tiered Systems of Supports (MTSS) model, where they are given the opportunity to develop skills and close learning gaps through research based interventions.  Students who struggle to respond to these intensive interventions may be referred for an evaluation to determine if the student is eligible for special education services.

Cuyahoga Falls City Schools follows an evaluation model set forth by the Ohio Department of Education, Office of Exceptional Children.  Evaluations are coordinated by the child’s building team which may consist of all or some of the following team members: principal, classroom teacher, school psychologist, speech and language pathologist, guidance counselor, intervention specialist, and parent.

In accordance with rule 3301-51-06 of the Ohio Administrative Code, students may be defined as having a disability in one of the following areas:

Intellectual Disability

Hearing Impairment


Speech or language impairment

Visual Impairment


Traumatic Brain Injury

Other Health Impairment (minor/major)

Specific Learning Disability


Multiple disabilities

Emotional Disturbance

Orthopedic Impairment


The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) 2004 requires that “to the maximum extent appropriate,” children with disabilities are educated with children who are not disabled.

A full continuum of special education service delivery exists in meeting the individual needs of students with disabilities.

Preschool Services

Beginning on their third birthday, children already identified with documented disabilities are served through a consortium with the Summit County Educational Service Center.

If you suspect a child of at least three years of age and not yet six years of age may meet the definition of a preschool child with a disability (a child experiencing developmental delays in one of more of the following: physical development, cognitive development, communication development, social emotional development, or adaptive development) please contact the Summit County Educational Service Center to schedule a screening.   The phone number is 330-945-5600.


In accordance with ORC 3313.666(B)(11), the district is required to post a summary of all reported incidents of Bullying and/or Harassment. The following data includes reported Bullying and/or Harassment incidents that were found to be valid and reported to the state via the EMIS reporting system.

2017 January – May - 8
2016 August – December - 5
2016 January – May - 15
2015 August – December - 4
2015 January – May - 9
2014 August – December - 4

The special education and student services team includes the following:


Department of Exceptional Children

Alison Johnston


Special Education Administrative Assistant
Phone: 330 926-3800 x502042 

Jessica Michalec


Special Education Instructional Specialist

Courtney Marcucci


English Learner Program Coordinator

Cameron Lazar
Coordinator of Exceptional Students

Phone: 330 926-3800 x502042 



Christine Shaw
Student Services Specialist

Cathy Carson
Student Services Secretary
Phone: 330 926-3800 x502040 

Connie Brannon


Student Services Secretary

330-926-3800 x502096



Tara Bultrowicz 
cf_bultrowicz@cfalls.org (Richardson & Lincoln)

Kathy Soudry 
cf_soudry@cfalls.org (Bolich & Price )

Alicia Veauthier 
cf_veauthier@cfalls.org (High School)

Amanda DePaul
cf_depaula@cfalls.org (Preston & Dewitt)

Jessica Willis

cf_willisj@cfalls.org (Silver Lake and Roberts)


Nancy Hall 
cf_hallna@cfalls.org (Preston, Price & High School)

Abbey Carneal
cf_carneala@cfalls.org (Lincoln & Silver Lake)

Amanda Hackbarth 
cf_hackbarth@cfalls.org (Richardson, Bolich & HS)

Cynthia Lane
cf_lane@cfalls.org (Roberts & DeWitt)



**Child Find is the process of identifying, locating, and evaluating children with disabilities, who may need special education and related services.  Please contact the Office of Special Education for further information: 330-926-3800 ext. 502042


Visit our web site :  www.cfalls.org