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This Week At A Glance

The Giver Theme Project --- Due Monday, Oct 20, 2014


Select ONE of the themes that is related to The Giver. Then click on the link provided for that theme.

Read the related article and discuss how the theme is seen in the article and in the novel The Giver.

Use support (evidence) from the article AND the actions of Jonas and the Giver to explain your opinion.


1. Honor and power are two different issues. Honor holds respect which may lead to power.

Read the article and watch the videos attached to this site. Then discuss how honor holds with it a certain responsibility. How did Jonas and Malala both feel a responsibility to bring change because of the honor they held in their communities?



2. Choice is an important factor in the lives of citizens. Conformity breeds a lack of leaders.

Somnambulists refers to a person who goes along with others as though they are sleepwalking and just following the crowd.

Conformity- the act of going along with what the crowd is doing in order to fit in with the crowd

Read the article at the above website. Then discuss the need for leaders or for conformity. How did Jonas fulfill or not fulfill this need in his community?



3. Memories need to be shared.

"We remember what we understand; we understand only what we pay attention to; we pay attention to what we want." - Edward Bolles


Read the article at the website above. Then discuss why memories should be shared and not kept to oneself as the community was doing in The Giver. Explain the importance of sharing memories based on the article and the events of The Giver.



  1. Clearly state the side of the issue you are going to support in the paper.
  2. Use at least THREE supports from the texts read (must have one reference to The Giver and one reference to the article at least).
  3. Restate your opinion at the end to tie up your paper.
  4. Must be at least 8 sentences

TS( topic sentence)  + 3 supports (2 sentences each since you need to give what you found in the text and explain how this supports your reasoning) + SS(summary statement).