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Bolich Rock Fest

Students working together to explore soil make up.

On May 24th, during “Rock Fest” at Bolich Middle School, designers met with two groups of 6th graders to explain the importance of geotechnical borings. Project Manager Scott Alleman for the new Cuyahoga Falls 6-12 school commented, “Understanding the soil makeup and how it supports new buildings is an integral part of the design and construction process.”

The team isn’t just working on drawings and cost estimates for the new building though. "While we are working really hard to make deadlines, every once in a while, we take a break from our desks to engage with students during the process."

Rock Fest and Soil Borings

“Rock Fest” was an event hosted in Bolich Middle school, where educators in the science fields focused on earth science, rocks, and soil for several days towards the end of the school year. The timing tied in well with the design and construction process of the new school.

Recently consultants were conducting soil borings on the new campus site to better understand how the soil on the site will affect construction. If soil can’t support the building, then expensive stabilization methods will need to be used.

“Without the proper soil support, the building could collapse. Having a good foundation, ensures it will stand for a very long time.” Each session ended with groups of students making their own soil sample.

"I am really excited to explain this process to them, I am not a geotechnical engineer, but I think we can make it relatable and fun."

After the session, students asked questions about the size, design, and layout of their new school. Questions ranged from the building’s cost, to how they will enter, to whether it will have air conditioning. Students enjoyed proposing new names for the school and are looking forward to seeing further work on the Bolich site this fall.

Scott concludes, “I think it’s important to teach students about everything that goes into their new school. It’s a big change for the District, and these sorts of opportunities make the process more real to them.”

Attending classes were all in 6th grade. They will be the first high school class to use the new building.

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