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Dr. Celico's Welcome Back Letter

August 2, 2023

Greetings Black Tiger Families,

Welcome back to another school year! The summer is quickly passing and in a blink of an eye, the hunt for school supplies and the roar of Friday night football games and marching bands will be upon us! I am eager to hear the sound of buses starting up and seeing the smiling faces of our students as they enter the bright, shiny halls of their schools.

The older I get, the faster the time seems to go.  I completed my first year in what seemed to be 

“no time at all!”  I’ve enjoyed my first year and look forward to using the information I gained to establish expectations and to help reimagine education in the Cuyahoga Falls City School District.  

We will continue to provide a safe and warm teaching and learning environment that affords each student the opportunity to grow academically, physically, socially, and emotionally. We recognize that school safety is on the forefront of parents’ minds. We are excited that we are able to continue having our School Resource Officer at the high school daily.  We will continue to have a police presence at both of our middle schools for at least a portion of the day.  The police officers who patrol the surrounding areas of our elementary schools are quite diligent in visiting them on a regular basis.  Please do not be alarmed by their presence. They are there to help secure our schools, visit with our students, and provide a safer environment for students, staff, and visitors. Lastly, we will have a part time security supervisor in place by the start of the school year. He will be responsible for overseeing the safety of the district, ensuring our schools are adhering to safety protocols and procedures, advising us on school safety measures, and ensuring we are compliant with drills, assessments, etc. 

We strive to create a safe environment for all. With that said, please be advised that I have asked our principals to strictly enforce our district rules as they relate particularly to bullying, harassment, and intimidation.  Far too many of our students have reported feelings of physical and emotional harm, which will not be tolerated.  We are going to ensure that our students feel safe and welcome while attending our schools.  

I will do my best to provide our students with the tools and opportunities they need to be successful, but our students’ dreams cannot be made a reality without the help and support of our staff, parents, businesses, and residents of the Cuyahoga Falls City School District. Our schools are the hub of our community, and we will do our best to ensure our stakeholders are proud of our schools and that we foster a culture of caring… for all. 

Please use the following links to view our upcoming dates and reminders, complete your required forms, apply for free lunch, and refer to the school supply lists.

Important Back to School Dates

Final Forms

Elementary Schools Supply List

Middle School Supply List

Apply for the Free Meals program or add money to your child’s account here

*Please note that the governor passed a law that allows students who previously qualified for reduced meals, to now qualify for free meals.  This means that if you were previously paid the  reduced meal cost, you will now receive the meals for free. 

This is such an exciting time in the Cuyahoga Falls City School District and for the residents of Cuyahoga Falls and Silver Lake. I am grateful to be a part of the bright future that lies ahead.

Thank you for your support.  I will be around the district and around town in hopes to talk with you. I’m looking forward to seeing you on August 17 or 18, the first days of school!


Andrea Celico, Ph.D.