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Voice Recognition
Welcome to the Cuyahoga Falls City School District.

Cuyahoga Falls City School District

The hub of our community, committed to a culture of caring! We innovate. We create. We personalize education for all!

Students & Families


[email protected]
Student Services Secretary
330-926-3800 x502096

School Psychology Department
Tara Bultrowicz
[email protected] (Richardson & Lincoln)

Kathy Soudry
[email protected] (Bolich & Price)

Alicia Veauthier
[email protected] (High School)

Amanda DePaul
[email protected] (Preston & Dewitt)

Jessica Vanhoutan
[email protected] (Silver Lake and Roberts)

Speech and Language Pathology Department
Nancy Hall
[email protected] (Preston, Price & High School)

Anne Williams
[email protected] (Lincoln & Silver Lake)

Amanda Hackbarth
[email protected] (Richardson, Bolich & HS)

Cynthia Lane
[email protected] (Roberts & DeWitt)
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